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Posted on 05 September 2012 by admin

A Nation Integration Camp for all Dtes of India is being held at Bhagat Lines, Meerut unde the aegis of NCCGp HQ, Meerut on behalf of NCCDte (UP), Lucknow.
The Nation Integration Camp II commenced on 4th Sep 2012 with a special objective of having National Integration among the youth.
Around 664 cdts (both Senior Division and Senior Wing) from 17 directorates across India are attending the NIC Camp.
Camp Commandant Col SachitSardana gave the inaugural address by insisting the cadet to work for better performance in various competitions to be held during the Camp and participate whole heartedly in National Integration Presentations from 17 Directorates of NCC from all over India.
15 ANO, Girls Cadet Instructors (GCI) and permanent Instructional Staff (PIS) were present during the function.
Camp Adjutant Lt Col SS Ahlawat  briefed about the administrative instructions to the Cdt and ANOs.
The Camp will end on 15th Sep 2012.

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