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Farmers killed in Police Firing in Assam

Posted on 13 October 2011 by admin

The act of State Administration and State Government of Assam is highly condemnable. The action resulted in gross violation of “Right of expression” and “Right of raising voice for their aspirations”. Sudhir Aggarwal, National Convener, BJP Human Rights Cell, raised a voice and said, though the matter was simply of demanding Minimum Selling Price fixed by Govt. for jute produce, 1st buyers tried to break the norms and offered price much below the Fixed Rates and then State police opened fire on farmers protesting for their demands of the prices fixed by the Govt., in the firing 4 farmers were killed about 25KM from Magdoi, District HQ, Assam.
Human Rights Cell asks the Congress ruled Assam Government that is it not shameful, on one side Congress always trying to represent itself as the biggest sympathizer for Muslim community, and on other hand when it comes to action, does not feel shy killing them to suppress their voice for legitimate demands.
Sudhir Aggarwal also raised his voice and ask Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to stop taking Muslims as a tool of Vote bank politics and immediately compensate adequately the victims of Ill-Governance of their Party’s State Govt. He also demanded high level inquiry in the issue and steps be taken to book persons responsible for killing of honest farmers.
He strongly voiced and requested every citizen of the country to consider the situation, the real face of Congress Party, which is horrifying and threatening for honest citizens, Farmers and Minorities.

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