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Tiny-tots of CMS take out large rally to mark the ‘Earth Day’

Posted on 27 April 2011 by admin


Lucknow, April 21: Tiny-tots of City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar campus took out a large rally today to mark the ‘Earth Day’ and proclaimed to save earth throughout the globe and appealed strongly to save environment and wild life and utilize natural resources reasonably. The huge rally of CMS students commenced today morning at CMS Gomti Nagar campus and concluded at zoo where the Director of Zoo, Mrs Renu Singh encouraged their mission to save earth and environment. CMS students declared their school campus as ‘No Polythene Zone’ and vowed to not use polythene.

            Tiny-tots marched with great enthusiasm and the demonstration of posters, banner and raising slogans by tiny-tots of Nursery and KG presented a tremendous scene. Some motivating slogans like ‘Nurture nature for the future’, ‘Pollution Pollution, Green is the Solution’, ‘We Love Our Mother Earth’, ‘Recycle, Reduce, Reuse’, ‘Say Yes to Paper Bags’, ‘Think Green, Go Green’, etc. greatly caught attention of passersby on both sides of the road who clapped to encourage students. Children presented approximately one thousand paper bags made by themselves to the vendors and appealed them not to use polythene bags to save human beings and also flora and fauna living on this earth.

            The encouraging and zealous rally of CMS students culminated into a big assembly on reaching at the zoo. On the occasion, Mrs Renu Singh, Director of Zoo said that she is very impressed by the safety mission for environment and earth adopted by CMS students. She expressed hope that the efforts of CMS students will definitely encourage people to keep the earth clean and green. She further added that environment pollution is one of the most difficult problems of earth today and every citizen should feel the responsibility for it and  contribute accordingly. We all should join hands to keep our earth green and prosperous.

            Ms Manjit Batra, Principal, CMS Gomti Nagar said on this occasion that we have been trying to explain to tiny-tots about the importance of keeping the environment and earth clean and  green and arouse consciousness in them for the safety of mother earth, wild life and their own future. Mr Hari Om Sharma, Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, said that CMS is committed to prepare its students as alert sentinel of environment keeping the present global warming as world problem in mind. CMS students eagerly participate in their school’s mission for environment protection, social awakening and competitions. It helps them in winning great heights in academics as well as in setting high standards of social awakening.





CMS students proclaim to save earth

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