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Grand inauguration of International Cultural Olympiad “CELESTA-2012″

Posted on 03 November 2012 by admin

celesta_pcThe 4-day International Cultural Olympiad “CELESTA-2010″ being organized by City Montessori School, Aliganj (Campus I), had a scintillating opening today at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium. Chief Guest on the occasion, Mr Sanjiv Mittal, IAS, Commissioner, Lucknow, lit the lamp to inaugurate the function ceremoniously. On this occasion, participating students from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and various states of India introduced themselves in style amidst the musical atmosphere while CMS students presented several educational-cultural items in their honour including All Religion and World Peace Prayer and impressed one and all. It may be mentioned that CMS Aliganj (Campus I) is organizing this 4-day ‘Celesta-2012′ in which around 500 students from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and various Sates of India are testing their artistic talents through various intersting contests viz Dramatics, Art & Painting, Traditional Dance, Collage, Choreography and Orchestra.
Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, the Chief Guest, Mr Sanjiv Mittal, IAS, Commissioner, Lucknow, said that he feels immensely happy and joyous that CMS Aliganj has invited students from various part of the world to exhibit their talents in music, dance and cultural competition on a global platform. Music has a universal language which is understood by every human being. It gives strength to the soul and takes man from evil towards goodness on to a higher spiritual plane of thought and action.
Earlier, at a press conference held today in the afternoon, the participants of Celesta-2012 interacted with press personnel and expressed their views in detail regarding this unique international event. Students of Mahamana College, Sri Lanka, while expressing their thoughts, said that they were full of eagerness to participate in the contests and display their country’s culture, music and art on this celestial platform. They were confident that the contests at Celesta will not only enhance their musical skills but also cultivate life long friendships. They said that music and dance were not only meant for entertainment but vehicles of creativity and self-expression. Students of Bernhardt College, Nepal said that visiting India was a dream come true for them. Their team members were bubbling with excitement and looking forward to the dance competition in Celesta. They were confident of putting up a brilliant performance and winning lots of prizes. Students of Bhawan’s Bhagwandas Vidya Mandir, Nagpur, Maharashtra said that the music and art competitions will test their all round abilities and will create a climate of further exchange of knowledge among students of different countries. Similarly, the students of various other countries expressed the view that Celesta-2012 is a powerful medium of encouraging the students to reveal their inherent talents and also develop  friendship and brotherhood on this global platform.
Convener of Celesta-2012 and Principal of CMS Aliganj (Campus I), Mrs Jyoti Kashyap said on this occasion that the main aim of Celesta International-2012 is to bring out the multi-sided talents of students  leading to their balanced growth and development and also to develop their human and spiritual qualities which are a part of holistic education. It will provide an opportunity for young artists and musicians to showcase their abilities, win recognition, gain confidence and reach the highest summits of success. Further, it will provide an insight into the unity in diversity that is an integral part of Indian culture as well as the culture of the world at large. Mrs Kashyap informed that students of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and various states of India will be testing their talents in various interesting contests viz  Dramatics, Art & Painting, Traditional Dance, Collage, Choreography and Orchestra and they will also showcase the rich culture and tradition of their respective countries. She expressed the hope that this olympiad will prove to be an effective medium in instilling good human values and musical traits in the students of India and abroad and enlighten the path of World Unity and World Peace.
Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder of CMS and renowned educationist said that the main objective of this Olympiad is to establish a society which has unity, peace, love, brotherhood, equality of religions, cooperation, absence of regional, national and racial boundaries. Unless these malpractices are removed from the world, the dream world of happiness cannot be established. Dr Gandhi further said that CMS Aliganj has taken a commendable step in organizing this International Cultural Olympiad and bringing various countries and cultures to compete on a global platform. This creates a feeling of unity in diversity. Dr. Gandhi said that CMS Aliganj I is imparting education in unity, love and peace to all students through this International Olympiad.
Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Mr Hari Om Sharma informed that the competitions of Celesta-2012 will begin tomorrow at 10.00 am and will conclude on 6th November with a grand prize distribution ceremony. Tomorrow’s competitions include Traditional Group Dance, Collage and Dramatics.

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