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saharasri-subrata-roy-sahara-launching-sahara-q-shop-with-shri-romie-dutt-executive-director-sahara-q-shopWe are very happy that emotionally we are pioneering the best quality Consumer Merchandise products at most competitive prices, right quantities that will be delivered to the doorstep of our esteemed customers

Our Surveys and Research as well as those of different agencies tell us about the  dangerous situation of adulteration

Adulteration is in almost Everything
Adulterators Use Dangerous Adulterants Like * Argemone * Lead Chromate * Tricresyl phosphate * Lathyrus * Non-permitted colours * Urea and other adulterants like :            * Fine Pebbles * Mud * Hay * Inedible Talcum Powder for Polishing * Inedible Oils Like Mobil Oil and Rancid Oil * Detergent * Oxytocin Hormone Injections * Melamine * Lead * Cow dung * Sawdust * Chalk * Brick Dust Powder and Other Bad Powders * Sand             * Excess Sulphur and such other Dangerous items to adulterate a whole range of Staples, processed Food, Berverages, Personal Care Products, etc.

The Effects of Adulteration
Due to the presence of adulterants, you could suffer from many diseases and disorders, a few of which are listed here : * Stomach disorder * Impaired Digestion           * Acute Irritation of the Gastro – Intestinal Tracts * Anaemia * Liver/other Organ Damage & Cancer * Ergotism (St. Anthony’s Fire Burning Sensation in Extremities, Itching of Skin, Peripheral Gangrene) * Alimentary Toxic Aleukia (ATA) * Lathyrism         * Glaucoma * Cardiac Arrest * Argemone Oil Depletes Vitamin A and E * Increase in Serum Cholesterol, etc. * Food Poisoning * Iron Filings May Damage Alimentary Canals * Lead Poisoning * Mental Retardation * Brain Damage, etc.

Sahara launches its mega Quality Consumer Merchandise Retail Business under the brand name of ‘Sahara Q Shop’
Our aim behind this launch of pure and best products is to gradually kill Adulteration in India
‘Sahara Q Shop’ provides a comprehensive range of products under 73 different categories with 800 SKUs in Staples, Processed Foods, Personal Care Products, Home Care Products, General Merchandise and Lifestyle Products at most competitive prices
Providing new salaried permanent job to 1,43,000 people gradually within 18 months.
Quality is a fundamental value offered at ‘Sahara Q Shop’. It has adopted an integrated approach towards the same by setting up a ‘Sahara Quality Management System’ (SQMS) comprising ‘Quality Control’ and ‘Quality Assurance’ Departments.
End to End Quality Control – from Raw material procurement to manufacturing, packaging to delivery at the doorstep of the esteemed customer

Total Quality Value Chain
•    50 Quality experts and associates
•    150 Quality Control Executives
•    30 Quality Assurance Managers
•    500 Quality Advisors
•    7 Quality Labs – Lucknow, Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Patna, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Nagpur
•    Quality Control Team – Online Product check during Production
•    Quality Assurance Team – Secondary Layer to check adherence to Quality protocols System
•    Quality Advisory Board- Of known scientists and food technologists
Random check by International Testing and Certifying Agencies

-    Distribution through 305 state of the art warehouses in 285 towns & cities constituting 1 crore Sq. Ft.
-    Sales network of 600,000 trained sales personnel supported by 3000 call center executives
-    Products formulated after extensive primary research on 88,000 family covering 4.5 lac consumers  from  400 Indian cities & towns
-    Primary survey on 45,000 grocery stores across 1000 towns for customer spent preferences
-    Secondary Sampling on selected 10,000 consumers and live simulation test in 15 cities
-    On the occasion of the launch of Sahara Q Shop, ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker & Chairman, Sahara India Pariwar, said, “I always believe that as a citizen of a great nation, we deserve the best quality living, be it where we live, how we live or what we consume. The rampant adulteration, dishonest practices of compromising quality, under-weighing, etc., are the menaces that are plaguing the prospects of a bright and healthy society and are also depriving the rights of people to live quality life. Sahara India Pariwar has always accorded priority to qualitative aspect of life. Our newest Quality Consumer merchandise retail venture is one such giant step which we have undertaken to curb the menace of prevalent adulteration practices in the market and provide the society with 100% unadulterated and best quality products at most competitive market prices.”
-    According to Chief Executive Officer – Sahara Q Shop, Shri Romie Dutt, “The Sahara Q Shop launch today is a record in itself. Launching such a huge repertoire on a single day is unprecedented. This has been achieved without compromising our fundamental value of quality. With the launch of Sahara Q Shop quality will be reaching the doors of every Indian at most competitive prices.” Mr. Dutt further added, “Each product of Sahara Q Shop is put through stringent quality tests and standards, be it vendor selection, sourcing, manufacturing or packaging, thereby completing the Q value chain.”
-    First Phase Launch – 15th August in 60 Towns and cities in 5 states – Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Rajasthan, Bihar and Jharkhand
-    Pan India plan to launch at 998 towns & Cities by March 2013

For pictures of the press conference, click the following link to download:

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